I have spent the last 3 days training teams of people on the sales process, and 1 common theme has kept raring its ugly head.
After 20 years in the customer service industry I understand confidence isn’t something you just wake up with 1 morning. It comes from years of practice and FAILURE.
It’s something that most sales trainers won’t tell you, FAILURE is just as important as SUCCESS.
One of 2 things will happen when you don’t succeed instantly; 
  1. You will give up and move on to something else because it’s easier
  2. You will learn, you will learn what to do next time; what question you should have asked instead of what you did ask; is there information you should have known (or sought to know) in order to progress; what actions would have changed the outcome.
In case you were wondering, the second response to failure is not easy. It is why successful people are successful and why 80% of the general public will never become more than they already are.
When you learn from you mistakes, 9 times out of 10 they won’t happen again. THIS is where confidence is bred. Not through having the slickest presentation, not through walking into a business and instantly being the BIG DOG. Confidence takes time, a little patience, a lot of internalisation and hard work!
The old adage is that “Practice makes perfect”. I believe this is terribly incorrect. PERFECT practice makes perfect. Once you learn your craft, hone it, practice it daily. And if it fails, pin point where it went wrong learn from it and practice it PERFECTLY again!

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