Free Delivery
If there is 1 thing I can’t stand when shopping online it is paying extra for shipping! Seriously; you get all the through the buying process; talking to your friend about a product, having it magically show up in your newsfeed, going to the website of a retailer, making the decision to purchase because it’s exactly what you want (and the price is right) you get to the checkout and WHAM! extra shipping costs.

Imagine how furious you would be if you decided on a coffee from your favorite cafe, only to place the order and be charged extra to have the staff bring it to your table!


When we launched Factory Direct Oz, we took this and it became our mantra! No extra charges for delivery EVER! Every product, every day, delivered to your door for FREE!
Lounge suites - FREE
Beds - FREE
Outdoor settings - FREE

I think you get the picture.
Everything below will be delivered to you for FREE

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