In my introductory post I mentioned being an athlete in my previous life and how this has helped me in my adult life and as a business owner. I found myself bringing those memories back to life today, as I was visiting my doctor for a routine check up.

She mentioned to me that her 10 year old son was now competitively swimming and that she would be taking him down to the state sprint titles. This had me reflecting on the hours/days/years spent "following the black line". Up and down, lap after lap for up to 12 klms per session.

12 klms of counting strokes, making sure that I had the spacing in between my fingers at the optimal distance for the right amount of surface area, my kick was in rhythm, I was breathing at the right time. For those that have never swum in a squad, it is a very technical sport (as you can probably tell).

From the ages of 12 through to 16 this was my life; 2 hours training every morning, starting at 5.30. Finish in the pool, go home, eat 16 Weetbix or a large mixing bowl of Rice Bubbles and a litre of milk, shower and then go to school. Finish school at 3.10pm go home, eat a quick snack and then head back to the pool for another 2 hour session.

Putting myself through this hell really made a few things clear very early on;

1. Friends, as a teenager, are very fickle. If you cannot spend time with them when they need it, you tend to lose the friendship.
2. Time management is one of the most important attributes a person needs to learn if they want to succeed in life.

3. There is only 1 person in the life that can make or break your dreams.

The last 2 points are the backbone of who I am today. Running a business, as well as helping raise 3 kids requires impeccable time management. And I know that this business will succeed or fail off the back of 1 person, and 1 person only... Me!

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